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Western Famous Greek Roman Marble Bust Sculpture


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As with Greek sculpture, the Romans worked stone, precious metals, glass and terracotta but favoured bronze and marble above all else for their finest work. However, as metal has always been in high demand for re-use, most of the surviving examples of Roman sculpture are in marble.

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A wide variety of famous roman sculpture options are available to you, such as western, natural. ... Western Famous Greek Roman Marble Bust Sculpture

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The study of Roman sculpture is complicated by its relation to Greek sculpture. Many examples of even the most famous Greek sculptures, such as the Apollo Belvedere and Barberini Faun, are known only from Roman Imperial or Hellenistic "copies".

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Our marble busts gallery includes reproductions of some of the most important Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, and Western busts. These busts are reproductions in the same size and dimensions (or a reduction) as the museum originals now housed by prominent world museums.

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APOLLO Greek Roman God Bust Head Statue Cast Marble Sculpture Handmade 12.6". Over 90% of the finished sculpture is natural crushed Greek Marble stone, which gives it a look and feel of solid natural marble.

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Ancient Greek sculpture represents one of the most influential artistic movements in the history of art. The statues created by the ancient Greeks in the Classical and Hellenistic ages provided the foundation not only for Roman sculpture, but also for western sculpture as we know it today.

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Discus Thrower, Roman marble copy of Greek bronze by Myron, c. 450 bc; in the National Roman Museum, Rome. Alinari/Art Resource, New York Because bronze was often looted and corrodes easily, the majority of freestanding sculptures from this period have been lost.

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Ancient Greek busts featuring mythology gods, Greek philosophers and historical persons. Exact museum reproductions, handmade in Greece.